Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fairy Tale Town

A couple of weeks ago Danielle graciously asked us to go Fairy Tale Town with her and Naomi. She picked me and my little sisters up here and we drove to Land Park. It was a beautiful day and we all had a total blast!

Julia LOVED petting the lambs in the Mary Had a Little Lamb display and she LOVED the slides!

We went to the little puppet theatre there and saw The Tale of the Dragon's Tail (very original title...lol!) Olivia and Naomi liked it but Julia was scared every time the king fell down. All in all it was fun.

We ate a picnic lunch in King Arthur's Castle and then we headed across the street to the ZOO!We saw the penguins first thing and Julia kept screaming that they were "taking a bath!" We got a kick out of that...it is neat to see her understand things around her, even if she has a limited vocabulary to express what she sees.

Olivia loved the reptiles (?????) especially the BIG SNAKES...that I don't get at all! I think they're kinda creepy.

When we went to see the giraffes it was their mealtime and they were all eating...Julia was so excited about that. She kept saying "GAFT...GAFT...EAT!!! We had to call mom and let Julia tell her about the giraffes eating and drinking.

After that we saw all the big cats and primates, but they were sleepy and napping...not very active and entertaining!

Last of all we saw the talking parrots. It was great! Everyone kept trying to get them to talk and Naomi kept screaming at them and they would mimic her perfectly! It was so funny.

So after 5 hours of having fun we got an ice cream and came home. I was tired, but glad I got to spend the day with Danielle.


Aubrey said...

still not on there lol

Aubrey said...

sweet i feel speacil now haha lol

Music Eloquence said...

You're a good writer Alyssa. I like this post. It sounds like you know how to have a good time no matter what you're doing. It makes me want to go back to Fairytale Town and just hang out with a good friend... of course now I have a beautiful son who would want to go too -- no doubt! Love you lots.
--Von de Leigh

Juli Cai Designs said...

hey girl! its your lil friend from fresno! remember me? when i found your blog and couldn't pass up the opportunity to leave a comment. so here it is. i haven't talked to you in forever. we have been so busy lately. but i hope for no limits we will be able to go up there. if you want you can check my blog out its
let me know what you think. well i better let you go.
lots of love,
'Caity'lyn Kimbley

Lorna Allen said...

looks like fun! remember i got a blog? it's lornaelizabeth18.blogspot.com. love ya